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For enquiries, get in touch with Global Technology at +65 6679 5800, 
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We provide our clients with best technologies fits and services to create a competitive edge for their business.


We strive to provide in IT services for our clients in areas of computer servers, storage systems and network system with a non-bias recommendation of best fit solution.


We take pride of our best practices which evolves in our solution triangle: Product Technology, People and Process.

Global Technology Solutions:

IT Consulting Services

Global Technology provide IT infrastructure services for major Technology company.

Our consultants are certified and practicing individuals that will formally employees of these company. Services we provide are: Assessment, Performance Tuning service, architecture and design, implementation and project management services.​

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Best People & Best Practices

With over 20 years of global experience, and a uniquely diverse team of highly qualified professionals, Quint has created a huge reservoir of the world's latest and best solutions for IT-management.

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Experienced Consultants

Our consultant expertise focus in 3 major areas: Server, Storage and Network. The major vendors we support includes IBM, HP, Oracle, EMC, HDS, Dell, F5, Riverbed, CISCO and Symantec.

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Instruction by Industry Experts

Riverbed University courses are designed and delivered by Riverbed Certified Solution Instructors (RCSIs) who possess vast, real-world knowledge in deploying Riverbed solutions in both simple and complex environments.

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Instruction by Industry Experts

With a global network, projects in 49 countries, offices in 20 countries on 4 continents, Quint is a global and yet local company serving any location in the world. We currently offer a list of authorized Quint and MySoft SG50 courses, for more information about our products, email us at info@globaltechtrain.com

Classroom Training

Riverbed Technology is named one of the 10 most powerful firms in the world of network management. Riverbed courses are designed and delivered by Riverbed Certified Solution Instructors (RCSIs) at Global Technology Solutions.

We're a business partner of the following corporations:

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Riverbed Services

Riverbed Professional Services offers expert lifecycle consulting solutions designed to help you reduce risk, accelerate adoption, and discover new ways to improve the performance of your business with the Riverbed Application Performance Platform™.

Global Technology - Quint Academy Training Partner

Quint Wellington Redwood

We help organizations make these choices by challenging the status quo and connecting people, processes and technology. In this way, we accelerate and embed digital transformations and use technology to create value for the organization and its environment.

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GloApp Human Capital Pte Ltd

If you or your company staff have the same challenges and development goals, GloApp Human Capital Pte Ltd with our consulting services will be able to work with you through one of the services as follows:

Executive Development
* First line managerial development
* Senior management leadership programs
* Executive coaching and mentoring

Aternity Digital Experience Management

The Aternity Digital Experience Management platform provides AI-powered analytics and self-healing control to improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction, get to market fast with high quality apps, drive down the cost of IT operations, and mitigate the risk of IT transformation.​


MySoft SG50

With over 20,000 Users in South East Asia, our range of Software Solutions are proven to increase productivity and reduce manual processes. Better still, we now have powerful features catering to your industry.

• Fully Integrated Billing to Accounting
– No more “Double Keying” Invoices
• Multiple Units of Measure
– Buy/Sell/Report in boxes, KG, Pallets, etc.
• Branch Sales Analysis
– Find out which Outlets of your Customers buy more
• Multiple Document Layouts
– Exactly how you want your Business Documents
• Batch Control
– Manage Manufacture/ Expiry Dates
• Order Processing
– Manage Outstanding Orders, Deliveries and Schedule
• Statement Control
– Group and Sort Customer Statements
• Business Analysis
– Thousands of User Definable Reports

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